I was out to dinner and had food stuck between my teeth. I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I have to floss in front of people! That’s terrible!’ There had to be a better way.
— Dr. Margo Brilliant, DDS Inventor

Dr. Margo Brilliant is a well-known and respected orthodontist whom for more than 30 years has spent her career helping people of all ages feel more confident about themselves …particularly when they smile. It’s her passion and what inspired her both professionally and personally to solve a problem — avoiding embarrassing moments caused by flossing or picking our teeth in public.  The solution: smilePIK—A uniquely discreet way to clean food caught between her teeth (and now ours!) whether at dinner or any social event. Intentionally designed to look like a lipstick, it works just like one so those around you think you’re applying lipstick while cleaning your teeth. 

Simply Brilliant!!