Definitely, a MUST HAVE in your beauty bag!  smilePIK is the world’s most discreet toothpick. This ‘brilliant’ device is disguised as a lipstick, allowing you to confidently and easily remove food particles from your teeth any place, anytime whether you’re dining out, on a date or any other social situation!


How to PIK

•  Remove lipstick cover
•  Twist until tip is fully visible
•  Place smilePIK gently at your gum line,
    between teeth
•  Slide away from gum line to remove food
•  PIK ‘n Smile!



It is recommended that you clean the smilePIK tip regularly. Gently pull it off and rinse it with your fave mouthwash. And, though smilePIK is reusable and long-lasting, it’s best to replace your smilePIK PIK every 3 months. Learn More